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About Alaina Tweddale

Hi, I’m Alaina. I’m a Philadelphia-based business and finance writer who's been marketing financial products for almost 20 years. 

I partner with top-notch and high-exposure brands to create consumer-facing and B2B materials that enhance brand image, meet regulatory requirements, and strengthen reputations.

My materials typically target the following audiences: individual investors, wealth managers, small business owners, institutional investors, real estate agents and investors, home and mortgage buyers, and more.

My Clients

I work with Marketing Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Business Owners, Wealth Managers, and more to create high-quality marketing materials to enhance brand image, sell products, enhance reputation as a thought leader, and complete marketing goals.

Recent clients include: the Wharton School, Delaware Investments (a member of the Macquarie Group), Killer Aces, Wealth Clinic, Consumer Track, and Betterment.

In the Media

My work has appeared on MSN Money, Time.com, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, FOXBusiness.com, The Motley Fool, SavingsAccounts.com, and more.

Ghost written materials have appeared on The Huffington Post, Go Girl Finance, and The Brazen Careerist.

I’m also a regular contributor at Go Banking Rates, Northwestern Mutual Voice, Wise Bread, and Money Under 30.

Services and Deliverables

Online content, thought leadership materials, sales collateral, regulatory and shareholder reports, brochures, newsletters, white papers, sales tools, case studies, data sheets, promotional materials, direct mail and email, advertisements, advertorials, event materials, and more.


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After working with Alaina for the past year, I highly recommend her ability to research and write about a wide range of topics.  I feel incredibly blessed to have found someone as talented, engaged and enjoyable to work with as Alaina... she is is precise, thorough, methodical AND writes in a super engaging, highly interesting tone of voice that captures my readers attention every time.  I feel like my business is expanding because I have Alaina on my team. -- Leisa Peterson, Founder of Wealth Clinic

Alaina is creative, flexible and hard-working. She consistently develops great personal finance story ideas and works collaboratively to deliver the content that we need. -- Jacqueline Leppla, Sr. Director of Web Content at QuinStreet

I highly recommend Alaina to anyone who wants professional, insightful and compelling content created for their businesses. Before working with Alaina, I was concerned about losing my voice in my online materials--completely unfounded. Alaina has the ability to have a conversation with you and then identify the 3 or 4 most interesting--and personal--angles to build upon. Working with her has given me an awareness about my message that I didn't have before. My work with Alaina has expanded my profile across the internet in ways that didn't feel accessible to me before, and given me new opportunities to expand my business reach. And I get tremendous peace of mind, knowing Alaina supports my content message and creation. Alaina is professional, creative and extremely responsive. I can't imagine a downside to working with her! -- Mindy Crary, Financial Coach and Certified Financial Planner

Alaina is a creative and reliable contributor to our personal finance websites. She consistently develops engaging story ideas and delivers her copy on time. She is also highly personable and easy to work with. -- Robert Beaupre, Editor at QuinStreet

web: www.alainatweddale.com   *   email: alaina@alainatweddale.com   *   phone: (267) 279-9164   *   Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alainatweddale